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COVID-19 Vaccination Information for Outpatient PTs and PTAs

The following has been provided to APTA Alaska by the Alaska COVID-19 Task Force. After communication with them, they are considering these outpatient providers Tier 3 for purposes of this communication. It does seem confusing based on the descriptions of Tier 2 relating to Community Health Aids/Practitioners (CHAPs). 

Here is their official communication for our members:

·        Who is in What Tier of Phase 1A Can be Found HERE

·        Tier 1 is Hospital-based Healthcare Workers & LTCF Residents and Staff

·        Tier 2 is EMS, Community Health Aids/Practitioners (CHAPs) & Phase 1a Vaccinators

·        Tier 3 is an Expanded Definition of Healthcare Workers

·        You will need to read the statement below for Tier 3 and be able to confirm that you meet all criteria for Tier 3. If you do, then you are eligible for the vaccine starting January 4, 2021.

Individuals who fall within Tier 3 will be able to schedule a vaccination appointment at identified Tier 3 vaccination clinics. Tier 3 vaccination clinic appointments can be made starting December 30, 2020 at Vaccination clinics will not begin until January 4, 2021. Additional clinic appointments will be added as additional vaccines are available. This Tier includes:

·        Workers in healthcare settings at highest risk of contracting COVID-19 who are essential to the healthcare infrastructure and who regularly provide healthcare services that cannot be postponed or provided remotely. To be a qualifying worker in a healthcare setting, you must meet all of the following criteria:

·        Have direct patient contact, or have direct contact with infectious materials from patients; and,

·        Provide essential services in a healthcare setting that cannot be offered remotely or performed via telework; and,

·        Provide a service in a healthcare setting that cannot be postponed without detrimental impact to the patient’s short-term or long-term health outcomes.

·        This Tier applies to licensed, certified, and other workers in healthcare settings in the State of Alaska, who meet the above criteria. This includes direct support professionals who provide personal care or home and community-based services, laboratory technicians, phlebotomists, and workers performing COVID testing.