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'The Knowledgeable PT' Debuts This Week

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Physical therapists (PTs) rely on a huge knowledge base to do their jobs. It’s a knowledge base that draws not only from their clinical training and education, but from an appreciation of how and where the profession is growing, and the ways PTs can apply their knowledge to transform society.

Coming this week, “The Knowledgeable PT,” Chapter 3 of APTA’s 4-part series, “Physical Therapy: A Profession in Transformation.” The newest chapter focuses on the kinds of knowledge PTs need to have, from an understanding of research terminology to an appreciation for how they can diversify their practices in ways that improve the overall health of society.

Like the preceding chapters, “The Professional PT” and “The Enterprising PT,” “The Knowledgeable PT” is part of a series designed to connect the dots by putting you in touch with a range of resources that you may not have seen or had the time to investigate before.

The series will run through the rest of the year. In addition to finding the series posted on the association’s website, you will receive an additional email every time a new chapter is published, so check your inbox for a notice about Chapter 3 later this week.

Source: APTA Feed

'The Knowledgeable PT' Debuts This Week